From our truly satisfied customers!

Satisfied Customers

We are so pleased to offer Universal Dental Plan to our Employees. It is cost-effective. Our employees love the savings the Plan provides
Heather Rogers, Director of Finance, Boston Childrens Chorus
I’m 78 years old and on a fixed income. Thanks to Universal Dental Plan for helping me save money and keep my teeth in a great shape
Phyllis Tabbi, Stoughton, MA
My wife and I have been Members of Universal Dental Plan since 2007, and we love the savings they provide, and I am very pleased with the fact that they are a local company in Boston. When I call for help, there is always someone there to talk to
Eliot M. Siegal, Scituate, MA
I have been a Member since the beginning of 1999. I am very thrilled and pleased with UDP's Savings Program, and have saved thousands of dollars over the years. I love my dentist and the fact that he is a part of UDP’s Network is absolutely priceless
Cynthia Geller, Salem, MA
My membership allows me to maintain my dental hygiene at affordable prices
Susan Bellows, Northampton, MA
I have saved over $1,500 on my daughter’s braces alone
Joyce Carter, Wakefield, MA
The great thing about this Plan is that there is no Paperwork and I have the freedom to choose any dentist from a list of Participating Providers
Logan Smith, Boston, MA
Since 2001, the thing I find most helpful is when the unexpected happens and I'm hit with a big bill and the dentist then turns to me and says you have Universal Dental Plan, so you don't pay this you pay that. It's a significant discount.
Shirley Thoms, Walpole, MA
I have been a member of the plan for 17 years. I love the savings every time I use the plan. I recommend it to everyone who wants to save money on their dental care
Nancy Tarantino, Boston, MA
“As a veteran and a retiree, I would strongly recommend Universal Dental Plan to, anyone! My savings with UDP versus traditional dental insurance is at least $800 a year savings for the same traditional dental services”
George A. Sanders Sr., Retired Veteran, Fitchburg, MA
“As a veteran and a retiree, I would strongly recommend Universal Dental Plan to, anyone! Because of the great benefits at reasonable UDP costs versus traditional dental cost.”
George A. Sanders Sr., Retired Veteran, Fitchburg, MA
Universal Dental Plan is not dental insurance. This plan does not meet minimum creditable coverage requirements under Massachusetts Law. The plan provides discounts at specific dental providers for dental services. The plan does not make payments directly to the providers of dental services. Plan members are obligated to pay for all dental care services but will receive a discount from those dental care providers who have contracted with the discount dental plan organization. The range of discounts will vary depending on the services provided. For questions concerning the Plan, including a list of network providers, please contact Universal Dental Plan: 20 Park Plaza 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02116. 1-800-894-8984, www.universaldentalplan.com, info@universaldentalplan.com.