Universal Dental Plan (UDP)

A unique solution to the high cost of dental care.

It is not insurance

Membership-based Discount Plan

We are a membership-based Discount Dental Plan that offers a smart alternative to dental insurance. Plan Members pay an affordable membership fee in exchange for deep, members only discounts of 20-50% on all procedures—from cleanings to crowns, dentures to braces, even cosmetic work from our network dentists without any hassle, restrictions, or limitations. Plans are available to the residents of Massachusetts and Maine.

Membership benefits

We take the guess work out of pricing 

With UDP, all network dentists charge according to 1 fee schedule.  Prices do not change per dentist or location like in other discount dental plans. 

The dental care you need when you need it

UDP has no waiting periods, no restrictions, no limitations, and no pre-existing conditions, no matter how complicated your dental care is.

No procedure limits or annual maximums

There is no annual cap (maximum) on how much you can save, nor is there any frequency limit on any type of procedure.  You can go to the dentists as much as you need and save every time

No age limitations

Why is Universal Dental Plan unique?

The number one concern consumers have when going to a dentist is the cost and the cost changes per dentist and location. Consumers are kept in the dark when it comes to the cost of anything medical or dental.  Generally, you don’t know the cost until after a visit to the doctor or visit.

Universal Dental changes all of that.  With Universal DentalPlan, all network dentists charge according to 1 discounted fee schedule. Prices do not change per dentist or location like other discount dental plans.  We keep it simple.  Weare hassle free and easy to use.

How much can I save?

Here’s a glimpse of what you can save before you visit your dentist.
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Current Fee Schedule below.
Just pay the member fee and save with each procedure.

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